Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hello my pretties!

It's the first Thursday in Tenderfoot's little life and man has it been a good en'! Before I entice you will lovely pictures of what said shop is looking like these days, I wanna tell you all about the new stuff going on here at Ol' Tenderfoot!
You book with us in the beginning of the week and we'll make sure to make with your Little Tenderfoot a super great craft and in the meantime give em' something to eat!

You also book in advance for this puppy! We haven't decided on a time yet,but we are going to put in on the website as soon as we see who's interested! This class is great for school age kids!  And would definitely help with your little pals self-esteem! I mean I feel pretty terrific even now when a cake turns out pretty spiffy!
So,I guess you wanna know all about the Grand Opening of Lil' Tenderfoot?
Guys out there in TV land we had a fantastic time! As you can see we had matching aprons that were just to die for and then we  started off the day with a sweet father and daughter duo as our very first customers!

We had loads of folks making and enjoying themselves in our gosh darned nifty workshop!

And of course we had some shoppers! We met so many nice people on Saturday! And we are still meeting great people!

The day was like one huge party! My fella's band played and we all just hung out and had a great time!

Now look at the front of the shop and look at all the lovely people that came along! I had a fabulous day thanks to all of ya'll! Hope to see you all soon!

Also I'm gonna put some really fresh,no people involved photos of the shop on the website soon! My ma back home has gotta see em' after all!

Kisses and Hugs!
Your pal!

*edit- you should check out The Weary Band----

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