Thursday, 24 March 2011

Our First Edition of this Week's Charity Haul!

I really like charity shopping! Like far too much! And every week I always find something amazing and I NEVER share! But don't worry kids out there in TV land that will be no more! Each Thursday I'm going to show you some of my charity shop hauls from the week! And if I didn't find anything too spectacular well I'll share with you some of my already pretty nifty collection of ridiculous vintage stuff!

more after the jump!  p.s. click on the pictures to get the full detail!

First off the cutest canister/jar I have ever seen in real life! I didn't think twice to snatch him up,even though in this picture he looks rather unfortable for some reason!

This is a tiny snippet  of a loverly tapestry.  I could just gush! Look at that  little lady and her tiny pony!

I cannot help but buy anything  embroidered. This guy is probably one the best bits of embroidery that I've seen in ages! It's so perfect and lovely and SO dreamy. Okay I'll stop swooning now!

Now look at this pretty piece of work...All beaded,fringe on the bottom,drawstring top and large strap! Yeah pretty great huh?
Last but very not least, this beautiful,beautiful case! I didn't take more detail pictures,but under that left flap is a tiny picture frame!

And I'll let you in on  secret, ALL of this came from one Charity shop!

Marina and Friend's Fundraisers
 Sandy Park Road Brislington!

Hope this week has been amazing! 

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  1. Nice work Lori!! I too am an unashamed charitaholic... although since having kids I have not enough quiet browsing time to fill my needs. I will now be able to do it virtually thanks to you.
    Sarah x