Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Super belated Charity Shop Haul: Birthday Edition!

My other half Mr. Andrew Smith had his birthday last Thursday! And for months I have been scouring the three charity shops in our area looking for the best stuff to give him! Thankfully I was quite successful! He was tickled pink! So here is my haul for Hubatron's birthday!
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First off You are probably wondering what that stellarscope is!
I'm not that smart so I stole the explanation from here!(p.s. I didn't pay near that!)

The Stellarscope dials around the outside of the barrel are set to the hour and date required, showing the stars and constellations visible at the same time on an accurate, computer-generated disc within.
The star map can be referred to through the focusing viewfinder with one eye, whilst alternatively observing the real night sky with the other, making identification quick and easy. The Stellarscope Star Identifier has latitude compensation rings, northern hemisphere mapping and night illumination. 
Basically it's neat for star gazing I 'spose!
And look at the cutest little dumplin' of an elephant planter! I can't get over his tiny eyes!

 A sadly almost too filthy to play copy of this lovely album! 
That's what I get for not checking!

This lovely frame! The print is by the lovely Lara Robinson
We hope to get more of here prints and stuff soon!

Andy and I have become quite the Hitchcock fanatics! 
We own almost all of his films all on VHS mind! 
I think to myself sometimes I may die if our vcr dies! Anywho! 
I found this book and was instantly mesmerized by the cover 
and also loved the idea of a book scaring the pants off of you!

And last but not very least an adorable St.Michael's shirt! 
It looks ever so loverly on my feller (even if it is a bit too big!)

I'm so glad to have a fella that shares a passion for things that were once used! 
Happy Wednesday lovelies! 

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