Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Count down to Glitter Fest! Puppets and Glitter and Fun and Glitter!

With only 4 days until Glitter Fest, Tenderfoot is all a hussle and bussle with last minute preparation and deliveries of new lovely stuff and of course ANTICIPATION! 

          Just in case you didn't know we are going to have all sorts of fun things going on Saturday! 

Starting off with a fantastic puppet show with Mr. Brown's Pig! It's starts at 11 and is absolutely free!

After all the puppet fun we are going to have the most fun fairy crafts and face painting with Kate Petit in the morning and then with Jen of Crackerjacks facepainting in the afternoon!!

facepainting by Crackerjacks Facepainting.
Don't forget our Handmade Market and Cakes and Cakes and CAKES!
This should proved to be the most fun and exciting event of  our YEAR!

Oh GOSH almost forgot all the fun Fairy Contests on the day! 

NO go out and get some glitter! TONS OF GLITTER and stop by Saturday! 


p.s.If anything you can see us dressed as fairies! That's good for a laugh!

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