Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More New Stuff! (Yeah we're excited too!)

Little Tenderfoot is almost full to the brim with brandnew and interesting artists!
These beautiful birds are by the loveliest of lovlies Robyn Coetzee!

These new badges from Thread or Dead are pretty freaking fantastic!

This one is my particular favourite!

These fancy lampshades are created  by a lovely lady named Ruth owner of Quincy Lampshades!

A really nice fella named Steven Edgar took these lovely photos! I really love those badges! So pretty!
These lovely works are made by the infamous muralist Scott Barden!

Even more photographs! By the nicest lady: Ali Gilleard!

She's not a new artist,but look at these cute charms from Jenny MacKendrick!

Phew that's a lot of stuff! Don't forget the very exciting Glitter Fest! Tell your pals! 
I mean how often do you get to dress up as a fairy for the day!

Have a great week little Tenderfeet!


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