Sunday, 12 June 2011

What a FUN and Busy Weekend!

Tenderfoot is best when it's buzzing with activity!  We had some very achieved artists in this weekend painting plates and mugs for Papa's Day!

I always get excited when you paint plates and mugs! It's always a lovely surprise the way they turn out!

Sunday was World Wide Knit in Public Day! And despite the downpour and rather chilly weather we sat with the door open  and knitted and crocheted! Thankfully that was enough to keep our hands warm and the cakes helped keep us in good spirits! 

                                       I even finally tackled the battle that is the Granny Square!
This was a busy weekend for Bristol as well! Bespoked Bristol started this Friday. Andy and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the opening party (thanks to these cute folks!) This little bicycle show was the first of it's kind and let me tell yeah we saw some absolutely beautiful bikes!  This one had to be my favourite!

Look at that beauty! And it had wooden freakin' handles!!!
Sadly we had to miss two really lovely events! 

and the inaugural

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! It's been one of our best! 


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