Friday, 26 August 2011

Tenderfoot's Half Birthday!

It's Tenderfoot's half birthday coming up. (Well it's more than 1/2 but who's counting!) And we wanted to celebrate in style! So we thought how about a sale,a party and an art project?! Well all right! 

So on the weekend of  9th of September we are having our hugest sale yet! 20% off all goods in the shop! ALL STUFF! And some stuff will be 50% off as well! 
But that's not even the best part! On the Friday night, we're gonna have a super fun party! With treats and music (well the radio) and a really,really neat craft table! 

Recently I came across Ann Woods  work on a very,very old post on Design Sponge.  She created a really nifty horse template so you could make her horses as well! I got incredibly excited and inspired! I thought they would look really,really neat collaged with pages from old books!  So on the night of the really awesome 1/2 birthday party we'll be making our own versions of the horse to display for the month of September in Tenderfoot's gallery. It will be totally free to make (if you wanna donate some jingle it'll go to charity) and you can pick up your beauty at the end of September!

 I used a couple of the neighborhood kids as guinea pigs and I gotta say they turned out pretty amazing!

 My pal Mary-Anne and I made one as well. 
I must say they lack the whimsy of our younger counterpart's work! ;)

Okay, but seriously. How can you turn all of this down? Get your behinds over here on the 9th of September!
Bring a pal! Bring your party hats and definitely bring your crafty cap!
Have a great weekend Tenderfeet!

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