Thursday, 17 May 2012

Just a few of my favourite things:Shoes.

It's pretty funny. On Monday Helen and I had our annual clear out and one of the topics of discussion was how even though we like girly stuff we aren't really girly, girls that like to gab about gossipy things or shoes! And then I think to myself what is one of my favourite things? SHOES! After I eat my own shoe (hehe) , how about a list of some of the shoes that I'm LUSTING after at the moment. All inappropriate for English weather,but all adorable!

I'm super new to the idear of  these clogs. And especially shocked that I actually like them. These are from Lotta from Stockholm and they are quite cleverly called Nice to Work In,which makes me wish I could have them in every colour, to ,you guessed it, WEAR TO WORK! 
These shoes! They remind me of the belt of the same print that I so desperately wanted as a kid in the 90's but never had! So as a 31 year old teenage I kinda drooled when I first saw these!

Speaking of being a 31 year old teenage! GUSH AND SIGH! The first time I saw shoes by the lovely Linsday of  Em and Sprout was on that there time waster Tumblr. I dived for the google bar and found her! All of her work is super cute and so fun and quirky.

What shoes have you been gushing over these days?



  1. Yup all gush worthy! I really want a pair of saltwater sandals... totally gorgeous! x

  2. I totally forgot about those! I may have to make an edit! xx