Monday, 14 May 2012

Let's Make and Do!

I'm excited! Absolutely giddy with excitement! Ever meet someone for one thing and after a 2 hour conversation realise something completely wonderful is about to happen? Well that happened to me last week.

Sadly our pal and artist in residence Emma had to leave last week. We were so sad to see her go,but so excited for what she is leaving for! (We'll tell you soon enough!)   We wanted to find someone to fill her place,but needed someone special,not just ANYBODY! Then Kirsten walked in our doors.

The week before we went from of course we'll sell your kits in the shop to hey why don't you sell your lovely haberdashery wares and have workshops on a Wednesday!

But wait Kirsten isn't just a lady that sells crafty stuff! She is the lovely owner of her crafty empire Make and Do, chair lady of South Bank Arts Trail, has had her work shown all over the country and is a terrific mommy for two sweet children.

She's been running workshops for some time and wants to encourage all the artists within!

We are so pleased to announce her residence at Tenderfoot!

Please stop by on the 30th of May to meet our new pal. There will be cake and you can browse through her range of fancy crafty supplies!

Hope to see you there! And did I mention that there will be cake?

xx, Lori

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