Monday, 9 July 2012

How Can Scrambled Egg be this good?

I'm a freak for a good breakfast. I used to live in a city that provided the best brunches a gal could ask for.  I used to sit on patios or balconies drinking Bloody Mary's and wincing at the sunshine through sunglassed eyes wishing that  the vodka would eradicate my hangover. But no matter how disturbed my brain was, I was never too disturbed to enjoy a good breakfast.

Pan away from that gal and look about 4 years into the future. I'm now the  type of woman that pads around the house all Sunday morning with slippered feet and cuddles for hours with her husband. I'm not longer a bruncher! BUT it hasn't spoiled my desire for great breakfast food.

Here's my cure for a hunger for a brunch type food : Avocado and Coriander eggs!

All you need is 4 eggs, and handful of coriander ,1 avocado, a tiny onion 2 tbs butter or margarine and about 2/3 cup of grate cheddar cheese! (Am I the only person that will write a recipe on anything?)

Whisk together the cheese and eggs.

While whisking add some butter to a medium hot pan and let the butter melt until it's foamy.

Now add your eggs and scramble them until they are just soft. Remove 'em from the heat and add your diced avocado and coriander.

Salt and pepper these beauties, and don't put any butter on your toast! These are going to be the most delightful eggs you've ever eaten!


original recipe from here.

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  1. This looks so delicious - it might have to be Sunday's breakfast! I've just noticed the link to my blog on here too. Thank you :)