Friday, 16 November 2012


I really can't believe it has been 2 years since Lori and I were getting nervous and excited about our opening day here at Tenderfoot. Looking back it really was a lovely day, we had spent 3 months working hard transforming the shop to our beautiful new haven and there was an abundance of hope and anticipation between us.  The day was all we were hoping for, lots of eager locals and friends crammed into the little space that Tenderfoot is, children crafting, lots of cake eating and wine drinking and Lori's hubby was squeezed into the corner playing with his band, it felt so good.

Since then things have changed alot, the main change being that the lovely Lori has moved onto pastures new and an exciting new project and little old Tenderfoot is just me ! But my belief is everything happens for a reason and what will be will be and as I celebrate the 2nd year at Tenderfoot, I can only hope that the future and the 3rd year will be good, that the business will continue to evolve and flourish.

There is a new element to Tenderfoot in 2012 courtesy of Kirsten Clarke aka Mrs Make and Do who has brought her crafty emporium to the back of the shop, selling an array of lovely fabrics, ribbons and buttons as well as less frivolous goodies. She has also brought to Tenderfoot a renewed enthusiasm and vitality with her passion for all things handmade, crafty and also for the vision of her little business and it's partnership with Tenderfoot. 

So tomorrow not only marks 2 years of the old Tenderfoot but the start of the new Tenderfoot.  I would love for you to join me for a drink and a cake and you may see something that takes  your fancy and I'm giving 20% off tomorrow only. Look forward to seeing you x

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  1. Happy birthday (for tomorrow), Tenderfoot!

    Kitty x