Saturday, 6 November 2010

One More Week!

Good golly gosh ya'll! Can you believe it,but we are going to be up and running soon! Some many great things to fill the little shop up with. See those cute dog bums? If you take a neat workshop that's where you are gonna hang your coat (or your hat).And look at this dang workshop space! That fireplace harboured about 60 years of ash,some old newspapers and an anonymous cd. Needless to say I shoulda worn gloves!

And this fella is Mr. Geoff! Besides being the mastermind behind all the major overhauls in the shop including the shop front!
He's also the lovely husband of my friend and business partner Helen!
And look at this dang kitchen and bathroom!
I'm not gonna show you anymore. You are gonna have to see the finished product in person! So don't forget:I can't wait to finally meet all you guys out there in TV land! Oh and p.s.
here's a little sneak peak at some of the new stock...
Hope you guys have an amazing week! See you soon!
xxx Lori

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