Wednesday, 3 November 2010

we are blessed !

Well we wanted our shop to be part of the brislington community and we certainly were last night thanks to Juls, Ben, Kerri, John, Jo and julia from the brislington home group of woodies church - clifton.  these amazing friends offered to help us with painting the shop as we have been running abit behind this week. The 6 of them and me spent the evening painting away furiously and they all did a fantastic job.  So a big Thank you to them and the lovely blessing that they gave me and the shop afterwards. xxxxxx

meanwhile today lori has been beavering away cleaning and restoring the old original fireplace to it's former glory, can't believe it had been covered up.  She has afew more grey hairs now, oh no, it's the paint in her hair !! This week she is insisting that people have mistaken her for the local bag lady. But we still love her even with her bag lady look !

Geoff and Matt have been doing a fantastic job on the shop front and we are really getting excited about our soon to be sign created by Tom, what with Lori's brother-in-law and his workmate it was like the diet coke break for us girls !

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