Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oh what a year!(Well few months!)

This time last year neither Helen nor I knew what the future looked like! And believe it or not the future looked a bit sparkly and blue and homemade! In the last few months this little shop has blossomed into everything and more we expected!

In celebration for the New Year and Resolutions I'm gonna try my darndest by the end of the week to put all of our treasured photos from the last year on our flickr account. There were so many lovely things that happened last year that it would have been silly to put em' all on here!

Also keep a look out on the website,we are planning on a few new workshops and other nifty things in the future!

Hope to see you soon! And I also hope you aren't too holiday hungover to drop by and say howdy!

xx, Lori

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