Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Today's Picks! (SO CUTE YOU CAN'T STAND IT!)

CUTENESS! That's what I'm on about! CUTENESS! We have some of the cutest stuff on the planet! And here is some of my favorites! Maybe you'll agree!

This new Sock Monkey from Bumble Bee's Craft Den! The details are ridiculous and so is the price! £15.00!

How about this ADORABLE Circus themed egg cup and mug set! When we first got these I kinda squealed! They are such a great present idear and only £16.00!

Last but not least...

 The cutest paper bunting and paper chains! So great for everyday or a party! I like having it around just because! And it's only 6 squids! You can't buy too much cute for that these days!


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