Friday, 3 June 2011

Picnics to the Max!

One of my greatest pals is having one of those Hen Thingies tomorrow!!! And we are having a delicious picnic for the occasion! I've been looking like a mad person for some the best recipes for cookies and sandwiches.

I'm really,really partial to this recipe: Nutella Cookies! They use self raising flour one egg and a cup of Nutella!
They only make 9 cookies,so I think I'm going to have to double or even TRIPLE this recipe!

This sandwich recipe is so simple and looks really,really delicious! It's one of those recipes that you always the ingredients in the cupboard and only takes three seconds to make!

Too bad we only have one of these puppies left,because I would stuff it with all the goodies I'm bringing tomorrow!

And I def would love to take some of these sweeties to lighten the mood!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I know I will!



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