Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Who's Harvey Hext?

Harvey is one special little feller and let's face it he needs your help. He is one of a kind but not for the best reasons. This is what his charity website says "Harvey is unique in many ways, he is one of identical twin boys who have Downs syndrome, there are only a handful in the UK. Harvey will also be the first documented patient in the world to have Down's syndrome and be treated for neuroblastoma. This has meant there are no comparable reference points for Harvey's treatments, as the medical team have no experience on the amounts of drugs his modified genetic makeup will cope with."

That is super tough! And because of his unique situation he's forced to find treatment outside of the country that would potentially cost at least £300,000.

That's were you come in! One of our really lovely artists Philip Ledbury has donated this picture.

There is no set prices for this lovely picture,but the more the merrier. If you would like to bid on this beaut please contact us at tenderfooting at gmail dot com or come in store. If you want to just donate the link to Harvey's charity site is here!  He is so far away from what he needs. Let's please help this special little guy!

Thanks so much!

Lori and Helen
your pals at Tenderfoot

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