Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's Halloweeen!

Seriously ghouls! Halloween is my favouritist holiday! I love the spookiness and the inclusion of fancy dress. I've always loved the idea of being someone different for a whole day! (and no one looks at you funny!) So to celebrate MY LOVE of Halloween here is some of my favourite films and television shows on the topic! Enjoy!
The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Let's just say that this awesome classic has all the bells and whistles you are looking for! Great soundtrack,great screenplay,great characters and GREAT director! It's one of the only  animated classics that can be watched for Christmas AND at Halloween! And it scared the pants off of me when I was a kid. True Story.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Like A Charlie Brown Christmas and the ever popular A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, we used to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year at Halloween! I watch online if I can every year. It really makes me all nostalgic for childhood. (well the good parts at least)

Roseanne's and the Simpson's Halloween Specials

I'm sure all kid's of the nineties LOVED these every year! Roseanne's Halloween specials always included amazing costumes you would only dream of. I especially like the first ever Halloween episode that involved a pretty neat haunted house and family issues. Yeah it was so much like real life it was scary! The BEST Simpson's Halloween special involved Homer in a Tron type of situation or was he inside the house? Gosh I don't remember,but you knew that Halloween was fast approaching when these  puppies came on and also Mom always let us stay up late to watch 'em! Memories.....
I also adore B-Horror Films! Halloween is the prolly the best time to crack those puppies out as well! Here's my top 5 and then I'll leave you alone to go get your costumes really to scare the pants of each other! 
1. Plan 9 from Outer Space  
 This film is CLASSIC cheese. From cardboard tombstones falling over to a very tenuous inclusion of Bela Lugosi,this Ed Wood film is probably his finest hour as the crappiest and probably only cross dressing director ever!
2. Manos: The Hands of Fate
 This is probably one of the only films on this list that has NO redeeming qualities. I first witnessed this piece o'(insert your favourite phrase here) while watching an AMAZING television program ( I think they only showed in the states) called Mystery Science Theatre 3000. This film is mainly famous for the phrase " Look at that big buttery moon!" Yeah I know it doesn't make sense,but you ending up quoting that for the rest of your life! 
   I love the tag line Primitive Passions turned on! Love breaths the time barrier!  This film makes you uncomfortable and it's not just the AWFUL singing! The relationship between the daughter and father is strange. And let's face it Eegah grunting gets old at times! But man it's great to make fun of! 

4. Mothra
I love this film! It's subtitled and makes absolutely NO SENSE! But it's visually stunning...

It's worth it just for these adorable singing twins.

5.The Brain that Wouldn't Die
It's a lot of this chick! I think that's bad enough! 
All right spooky pals! Hope that gets you inspired! But if it doesn't don't forget there is always.....
The Time Warp! 
Happy Haunting,

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