Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Best way to Procrastinate? Pictures of Famous People Hanging out!

Always procrastinating! Like always. In between finishing off this flier and trying to figure out how to fill my body with as many cups of coffee possible I came upon this amazing,fascinating and awe inspiring tumblr blog. If you are at all familiar with most tumblr blogs they usually  include daft pictures of kittens and really skinny girls looking really cute (and sad)  and glitter. So to my surprise I found something that made me smile and  it didn't even involve kittens! It's called Awesome People Hanging out Together! And this picture of Sammy Davis Jr. and Marilyn Monroe was the photo that sucked me in!

More of my favourites here!
Lauren Bacall and Harry S. Truman 33rd President of the United States.

Bjork and Beck (you couldn't have planned a more adorable photo!)

Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf
Truman Copote and Harper Lee
I hope you enjoy your new addiction as much as I do! Now back to work for me!

Happy Tuesday!

xx Lori

p.s.  I had to add one more! An amazing beaut of a picture!

Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller!

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