Friday, 23 December 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I have been the worst blogger in the history of man the end half of 2011. I've found refuge in taking photographs and posting them to instagram and twittering and facebooking.

Some times I find it difficult to place what I'm thinking  on this virtual page. With all the frustrations of running a business and trying to keep sane in the same place,sometimes the most important things get shoved to the side.

Tenderfoot has evolved and become a full fledged shop with its own quirks and habits. Some days we are filled with laughter and others you can hear the tapping of my toes as I bounce around listening to silly music on my headphones.

But despite it's ups and downs Tenderfoot has become my home away from home. It evokes in me a great sense of pride every morning when I walk in and I hear the familiar beep of our alarm. (no matter how late I'm running). I love having to change the sign each day to reflect what fun thing is going on or just  a nice note to say hello to passers by.

Some days, when I'm super inspired and there isn't may folks around, I get to  lug out my sewing machine and make yet another cloth shopping bag so I can perfect my skill.

I love taking photos of all  the new stock that comes in and talking about the neat people that sell it.

I especially love sitting down with Helen and our diaries and having our brain storming sessions.

Yup things here are amazing and frustrating,but that's life. And if we didn't have struggles to contend with everything would become a mass of grey boring sameness.

This year has taught me so many things and has introduced me to so many nice people. My friends have had babies,got married,got engaged and the world ,despite all of the havoc that surrounds me, kept spinning thankfully keeping my feet on the ground.

And in the coming year, things will change here and I'll change, and we'll all get to meet new people and the sun will rise and set and we'll take photographs and go on holiday and lose friends and gain hundreds of hours of amazing experiences. And hopefully through all of this,even on the same old kinda boring days,we can find the beauty in life and share it with everyone.

Saying that,hopefully I'll become a better blogger. Maybe I'll take more photos?

Happy Christmas to all of my new and old  Tenderpals! I hope you have the most amazing New Year filled with love and warmth and lots of sparkly drinks (and maybe a little whisky!)


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