Wednesday, 23 November 2011

You want Christmas Cards? We got 'em!

It's getting close and closer to Christmas! I won't count down too soon,but let's just say it's only a month away! And right now is the BEST time to start picking out your Christmas Cards! 

We have some really great options and even more coming in before the end of the month!

Here's a packet of  6 unusual and beautiful Cards from our pals at OHH Deer! 3 different designs in each packet and some of the most loveliest and strangest cards you could send out EVER! £7.00
Are you looking for a special warm and fuzzy card? Zoe Gibbons' cards are right up your street! She has three different  adorable designs at £3.99.

And last but not least some lovely traditional cards with a little bit of a twist we have some nice and sparkly cards for you as well!

 Keep a look out on Facebook for new stuff every week! We've got some new artists coming aboard that I think you guys will love! And some new stuff from some old favourites!  And come next month watch out cause Tenderfoot's Website is gonna turn into an advent calender! Just something else to help you with the holiday spirit! 

Hope you guys have an incredible week and weekend! I'm gonna be spending tomorrow with fake turkey in hand and lots of pumpkin flavoured food celebrating being Thankful! And let me tell you guys I have so much to be thankful for!

Speak soon! 


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