Thursday, 3 November 2011

Holy Smokes It's Been A Year!

I've never had kids,but the usual statement made is when you do have them is how they grow so fast! And let me tell you owning a shop isn't much different. When we first opened a year ago I never would of thought that one day we would house almost 40 different artists from all over Bristol and other parts of the U.K.! As I update the website and look through all the pictures it amazes me how little stock we had to begin with and how much potential was just waiting for us!  So of course we have to celebrate!

We're gonna have party food and possibly hats,but there will definitely be cake! Tenderfoot turning a year old this month reminds me of all the plans we had . Some failed miserably,some were so very successful. Bearing that in mind kids out there in T.V. land there is so much to look forward to in the remaining months of this year and especially for 2012! Keep you eyes peeled it's gonna be pretty terrific!

Much love,


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