Friday, 6 January 2012

Whoa Nelly! It's a New Dang Year!!

Week one back in the saddle almost completed! Yeesh kids working after not working for a long time is like working! FOR REAL! I've done a super crazy tidy, and moved stuff around and I'm sure I'm gonna have to move it around again!  You should see all the glitter that a place can accrue in a year! Loads of paper to be recycled and fabrics put in boxes and out bags. Yup guys I went organizational crazy! We've decided not to focus so heavily on them there workshops this year. Because of that we're gonna try to do more specialized workshops! Less frequent but more fancy! And I wanna focus on learning more stuff myself,and so does Helen! SHE'S GOING TO A KNITTING WORKSHOP!!! eeeek! So here's where you cute guys come in the picture. What classes are you super stoked about! Seriously,seriously stoked about?!? I've created a gmail account just for you to email all of your suggestions etc.  So let us know! Seriously,seriously! We wanna make fun stuff happen and let me tell you guys you are the only ones that can do that!


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