Saturday, 5 May 2012

It's Cinco de Mayo!

or aka excuse to make tacos day! I'm so excited! Tonight we are having some friends around for something of a special TACO BAR!  But what this shindig is lacking is appropriate attire for the table! I searched the bottomless pit of ideas that is Pinterest (and Google images)  and found a few doozies! Whatcha think? 

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I'm gonna def use some of the coloured paper we have in the shop to emulate this puppy. Sadly I don't have bakers twine or double sided tape so I'll have to go with a glue stick and some red yarn! 

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These would be amazing FOREVER! But who has the patience to do this? I DON'T! But I know there are some crafty vixens out there ready to take up the challenge. 

On my hunt I was really in desperate need to find some sort of mini-pinata! Man I hit the jack pot! 

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These tiny beauties are ever so sweet,but a bit time consuming for me the last minute queen! 

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Once again WHAT A SWEETIE! But I don't have hours to paper mache' golly gee!

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And this is the more ruffly sister to that beauty above. I want this one to just live in my house forever! 

And last but not least I need something like tiny sombreros to force upon my unsuspecting guests! 

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These little guys will be perfect. I'll just add some string and voila instant embarrassment! 

Hope you guys have something fun up your sleeve for today! 

I know this guy does! 

xx, Lori

p.s. learn more about the true origins of Cinco de Mayo here!

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