Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday's Movies:John Hughes Films.

At MacAlpine-Smith manor we had a movie marathon over the bank holiday weekend. Our main emphasis was  the late director John Hughes. I'm sure you are aware of his enormous oeuvre.  That man is a genius and let me tell ya his films consistently blew my mind when I was growing up. Here's a breakdown of our favourites movie moments this weekend.

photo found here.

This scene has always stuck out in my mind. It's the moment when everyone in the film is most vulnerable and honest. You find out why they are all honestly in detention and Molly Ringwald's character  is scathingly candid about her station in the school caste system and what that entails. If you've seen this film you know this a catalist to a huge bonding sesh and it's gets really silly.

This is prolly one of my favourite scenes of all time. Right before poor Ducky finds out Andie is dating a ritchie! I put a video here cause a screen shot does it NO justice. I never understood why Andie wouldn't love Ducky. He's the cutest guy ever!

Last but not least...

FERRIS BUELLER TAKES OVER A PARADE!  Yup, what gal wouldn't want to date  this guy and what guy wouldn't want to be his best pal.  My favourite quote from this film is " Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." I gotta say not to sound too hokey but it's a pretty great way to look at life. I know I don't smell enough roses on the way.

xx, Lori

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