Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just a few of my favourite things : Blogs!

I love,love,love blogs. Like probably more than a human being every should. I like to fill the spaces in my day with a little inspiration from some of my  fellow creatives.

1. Little Green Shed.This blog is so beautiful and almost as beautiful as Lou's work. So many beautiful photos and ideas. I get all swoony when I look around. We're so lucky to have her work in the shop really,really soon.
2. My Paper Crane.  Heidi Kenny is a huge inspiration for me. She makes amazing, adorable, and well crafted plushies. I mean it's food with eyes! AMAZING! Her blog is great too. I love peeking into her craft parties and trying some of her new tutorials.
3. Lazy Crafternoons. My pal Chris is a craft making machine! And he's doing something pretty great for charity! And he shows you tutorials all the way with all the crafts he sells each week!



  1. Wow, Chris's mission has blown me away, what a guy! I know Lou and she is as lovely in person as her blog and her beautiful work. And that pizza slice is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Rachel :)

  2. Thanks so much for your loverly comment!
    Yeah Chris is a special feller! He also does really great workshops to boot! If you check out Tenderfoot's facebook page you'll fine some details of the courses he's holding soon at Tenderfoot!