Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to do a seaside holiday

I've just got back from my holiday at the seaside (yes it's my fault Tenderfoot was closed last Wednesday). I love a traditional British seaside holiday so here are my top five things to do...

1. Fish and chips at the beach 
This activity is not weather dependent and normally takes place on the first evening of our holiday. This year it was only a little bit windy and at one point my three year old did say 'Mummy, can we go inside now?'

2. Building a sandcastle
Again not weather dependent. This year we got lucky and built what I thought was a quite impressive sandcastle (until I spotted one further down the beach that had flags) in bright sunshine. Unlike last year when my then two year old was so excited about building a sandcastle that I resorted to standing on the beach in wellies with an umbrella.

3. Eating ice cream
Preferably vanilla, in a cone with a big dollop of clotted cream and a chocolate flake- yummy!

4. The Grand pier
Most seaside towns have got one.

5. Collecting sea shells
My attempts at seashell collecting this year were somewhat thwarted by a three year old who thought that pebbles were better. He repeatedly removed shells from his bucket because they were taking up valuable pebble space.

I'd love to hear about your holiday traditions.

Kirsten xxx

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