Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Been back in the UK a week...

And it seems like all I've been doing is sanding and sanding and sanding. I wish I had some pictures to show you of all the lovely progress that has happened since I've been on holiday,but I have been too lazy to recharge my lil' camera. So maybe tomorrow. But believe me,that shop is starting to look good!  You are probably wondering what does that wolf-man getting dolled up has to do with this here shop? Well I have to say nothing really,but it does represent my only regret...I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HALLOWEEN THE JOINT UP! But alas I'll have to wait till next year.  

Not to make this a book to read for all you sports fans out there in tv land. I've gotta tell you about a neat lady we met today!

Her name is Zoe Gibbons. 

And let me tell you guys we think her stuff is tops! She hand machine sews all her cards and framed pieces. Look at all this business! 

Lovely bits and pieces and guess what? We're gonna have her stuff in the shop!
You can see more of her stuff @

We start some serious painting tomorrow. And in the next week a certain little elfkin is gonna start painting the sign in the front!

Man this little puppy is gonna be a full grown doggy soon!  

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