Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My brain has been scattered! Here's why.

I'm not one of those ladies  that enjoys spilling her private business to the whole free world. Okay I'm not one to spill it all over the Internet. But I wanted you guys to know why I ,Lori MacAlpine-Smith have  been a flake. A little while ago I mentioned passing my Life in the U.K. Test. Lot's of folks asked if I was getting citizenship. Well I took the test to potentially receive my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa. Now that puppy is my golden ticket to live on the hallowed soils of the U.K. for life, it's pretty important.  So between studying for the test and picturing myself carted back to America with armed guards I've had a lot on my mind. Yesterday I sent off all the trappings of a VISA application to UK Border Control. And let me tell you I was less nervous about having my tonsils removed than getting that thing put together. With that huge thorn out of my paw I'll be back to my normal self,rambling on about kittens and trying like heck to get Tenderfoot on the map! So please forgive me if I haven't emailed you back promptly or put pictures up on the blog from your party. I know it's a sorry excuse,but that's what it is. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.



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